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Freelance Business Notion Template

Freelance Business Notion Template

£30.00 Regular Price
£21.00Sale Price

This Freelance Business Notion Template is perfect for freelancers looking to take their business to the next level.


It provides a comprehensive set of tools for project management, marketing, and accounting allowing you to work smarter and faster. 📈


With this template, you can easily track your business plan and goals.  It also helps you to track progress and manage tasks more efficiently, so you can stay organised and on top of your business.


Get the most out of your freelance business with this versatile and efficient template!


What's inside?

✅ Instructions on how to upload your template to your own Notion

✅ PDF of the Notion Template

✅ Tips* to run your business better!


Only a LIMITED amount available to download 👀 


So, shhh...Keep this to yourself.

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