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What is a tech pack?

If you are wondering to yourself, what the heck is a tech pack? Why do I need one for my business? You've found the right post. We've asked our founder Celina to share the details on exactly what a tech pack is and why you need one. Keep reading ๐Ÿ‘‡

1. A Technical pack aka Tech Pack ๐Ÿ™Œ

You'll search across google and everyone seems to have some sort of complicated and professional term for it but, essentially its a blue print for your manufacturer. The only person that needs to understand it is your technical designer (Whether that's a freelancer or

agency) and your manufacturer.

It acts as a communication tool between designers, product developers, and the manufacturers, ensuring that every detail is accurately conveyed and understood. Simple right? Like the IKEA flat packs? Sadly, not. ๐Ÿ˜–

The tech pack play a crucial role in ensuring that the design intent is accurately translated into a tangible product. This helps streamline the production process, minimise errors, reduce samples and facilitate effective communication between different stakeholders involved in bringing a product to market. Whether in the fashion industry or other manufacturing sectors, tech packs are essential for maintaining consistency and quality throughout the production chain.

What should a good tech pack include?

As you've probably come across most manufactures won't share the specific details (It would make everyone's life easier if they wouldn't gate keep however, that doesn't make money)๐Ÿคญ

Ever enquired to a manufacturer and found the first thing they ask is for a tech pack? And well, if they haven't asked you for one...RUN! ๐ŸšฉYou are almost left to figure it out for yourself which can lead to lots of time and money wasted. So were here to give you the basics on what you need.

Design Overview:

  • Introduction and overview of the product.

  • Inspiration, mood boards, and technical CAD's

  • Specification notes/close up details

  • Colour, hardware and material specifications.

Measurement and Sizing:

  • Detailed measurements for each size.

  • Provide tolerances to ensure your requirements are met.

  • Size chart

  • Grading rules to ensure accurate sizing across the entire range.

Bill of Materials (BOM):

  • A list of all materials required for the product.

  • Fabric details, including type, weight, and colour.

Construction Details:

  • Stitching details and construction methods.

  • Trim details, such as buttons, zippers, and labels.

Print, Graphic and Logo Details:

  • Exact placement of logos, labels, and any graphic elements.

  • Pantone colours for accurate reproduction.

  • Measurements

  • Print ready artwork.

Labelling and Packaging:

  • Instructions for labelling and packaging the final product.

  • Barcodes, tags, and care labels.

Quality Standards:

  • Quality control standards and guidelines.

  • Tolerance levels for variations in production.

How much does a tech pack cost?

So, what's the cost? Be prepared to invest in your designer and tech packs, without these your products can end up completely wrong, endless sampling, inconsistent sizing and miscommunication. Not only this, but your tech pack is also your safety net, your instruction manual to creating a high-quality product.

For example, something not right on your sample? You can request to your factory that if it's not followed correctly, you want a new sample done following your tech pack. Not only this, if you change manufacturers, you have everything ready to go with new samples and sizing. Essentially these are investment packs and step you don't want to miss. The most successful brands in the world use these, so why wouldn't you?

Standard tech packs can vary from designer, freelancer to agency. The price also varies across location and requirements. For example, a basic tee will cost less than a complex coat design hence no set price. Our tech packs are only advanced level meaning you will receive everything you need to get your idea into sampling. These start from ยฃ400+ per pack to which we require a minimum order of 2 per custom.

Need support with your tech pack?

Let's be honest, tech packs are a headache. No one really want to do them. However, we have a team of professional and experienced designers that actually ENJOY creating them for you. So, let us do this while you focus on everything else a brand owner has to do.

We can help you throughout the design to production process. Drop us an enquiry or email. One less thing to stress about! ๐Ÿ™Œ



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